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Dried Flowers - Sustainable Styling

Dried Flowers - A Sustainable & Stylish Choice


Embracing personal style and expressing yourself through interiors and creating a welcoming and relaxing space has never been easier and dried flowers is a wonderful way to bring sustainable and affordable joy and positivity into living and workspaces all year round.

At Wild & Rust we work hard to ensure we provide a stunning range of products to collectively bring sustainable ethical and personalised style into our inner sanctuaries and shared spaces and flowers unequivocally brighten moods and add a splash of colour to our lives – what better way to make the enjoyment last than to do it with dried or forever flowers. They can be a living room feature, a piece of artwork, or even just something to make your home office desk look a bit more exciting for your Zoom background. 

There are so many reasons why dried flowers have made a significant comeback in leading interior trends in recent years, the most important for us at Wild & Rust being because of their absolute sustainability, low maintenance, and being the perfect decorative touch at home or for gifting to bring year round joy.

Gifting someone a living gift in the form of a plant is super thoughtful and something we love to do at Wild & Rust – just look at our beautiful indoor plants selection, however, we recognise that it is not an ideal gift for everyone in your life as it requires them to look after it, and that can for some be an inconvenience. Dried flowers, however, are an instant way to add warmth or a splash of colour to a room with the added advantage that dried bouquets will not wilt or die if looked after. They’ll last for years when looked after, which is mainly keeping them dust-free, free from moisture, away from direct heat sources and out of bright sunlight.


dried flowers in blue vases in a table in a shop window



Sustainable and incredibly on-trend, they really allow us to get creative in our store and at home and we simply love playing around with different textures, colours and sizes to create stunning eye catching bespoke hand ties and more dramatic arrangements of dried flowers to add splashes of colour and beautiful focal points to draw the eye. A permanent feature in some form or another in our store window, we love helping our customers to create bespoke arrangements and centrepieces based on their specific requirements.

Creating the perfect dried flower display does require a little thought and some consideration to ensure it is stylish, timeless and enhances a space.


Create the perfect dried flower display with top tips from Wild & Rust:

Here are a few considerations to take into account before you get started:


It's really important to consider which textures work well with each other. For example, if you want to use pampas grass, think about combining it with some broom or thistles. If you prefer something a little fluffier and feathery, why not consider miscanthus or combine pampas grass, stipa grass and lagurus or for a more striking display, try broom, thistles and some bougainvillea. We love the simplicity of a few dried cotton stems in a dramatic vase or a leavy dried eucalyptus or rucus to add a little effortless rustic charm to a reading nook or bedroom.


Person holding a bunch of long fluffy grey pampas grass in a bunch



We love mixing similar colours to ensure that the core colour you're looking to create isn't diluted. This creates a timeless design which will fit into your interiors for years to come. Starting with neutrals and whites is a great idea with which to then build the colour in stages depending on how loud you want to go.


Pink, Blush and Burgundy:

pink and blush dried flowers in a brown kraft bag


Lilacs & Purples:

dried lavender stems shot from above



Not all dried flower bunches work together, some work much better when displayed on their own or gifted as a simple hand tied. Our gorgeous fluffy pampas stems work really well on their own and due to their natural height they are perfect for large vases, positioned in corners which need dressing or as a stunning centre piece for a larger space. They are often also arranged on the floor and have become increasingly popular over the past few year….long gone is the ‘swingers’ stigma! Ha!

 dramatic display of tall pampas as centre piece on table



Sometimes it's really easy to forget about the vase; it can be an afterthought. Your flowers, however, will be eye catching if your vase complements their style. Consider colour and shape first and foremost. Opaque vases are good as they disguise the stems: dried flower stems can be irregular in size as you don't have to worry about them being in water. 


dried grass in green glass vase

The width of the opening of the vase will determine how many flowers you need to fill it: a smaller neck will mean less stems. Here are some of our favourites from our collection of ethical and handmade vases.


dried protea and palm in a glass vase


Dried flower arrangements for floor vases 

When it comes to vase size for a dried flower bouquet, it really depends on the flowers you choose. Pampas grass, for example, can both be tall and short depending on where the stem has been cut, so you need to consider the room you have available and the vase you want to use. 

We love using floor vases at the moment for dried flowers, featuring beautiful long stems of pampas grass, or simply a few individual elegant strelitzia leaf stems. They are so simple yet so effective in giving any room a touch of luxury, especially where you entertain. Of course, they’re equally lovely in a beautiful handwoven basket. You can see our range of baskets here.


seagrass handwoven baskets in neutral

Here are a few basic styling ideas for those looking for a little bit of inspiration:

With everyone spending far more time at home, we’ve seen a huge upward trend in home styling; and it’s showing no signs of slowing down. 

Dried flower wreaths - Eco-friendly indeed

dried flower wreath with roses


Wreaths are obviously synonymous with the festive season. Whether large or small, they’re usually hearty arrangements made from evergreens such as pine or holly. Those dark greens radiate Christmas. It’s worth mentioning that most festive wreaths that you buy will be made using floral foam, which is a petro-chemical and doesn’t break down in landfill (basically it’s plastic). However, you can instead make a more eco-friendly and sustainable wreath that lasts all year using only dried flowers; and is much kinder to our planet.

They can be elegant, light, and accent a room perfectly during spring and summer when used correctly. Small wreaths that utilise flowers that, when dried, turn to pale, pastel colours such as Honesty (Lunaria) are perfect for adorning a bedroom door.

To us, these are beautiful as a permanent simple decorative addition, perfect for cheering up any room in the house. Hang this in your living room to create a focal point throughout the winter months or simply decorate a door. We simply love dried proteas for their dramatic appearance and sentimental symbolism of hope and change. They make an excellent choice for creating a long lasting (years!) eye catching decorative wreaths for all year round joy, not just for Christmas.


wreath adorned with dried protea flowers and ribbon


Perfect Gifting!

Framed dried flowers 

Taking me back to my childhood when I went through a phase of pressing and drying roses in our telephone book under my mattress to make my own gift cards and bookmarks (showing my age!), framed dried flowers, when tastefully done, can offer that something unique to any living space. A wall collage of beautifully framed flowers or a simplistic single dried fern can bring a touch of nature indoors. They’re a bit more elegant and modern than the more traditional flowers you’d see in a shadowbox. A framed dried fern would be perfect to sit on your desk next to your morning coffee. We absolutely love these Kiki Photo frame boxes!


glass photo frame box


Hand Tieds / Bouquets:

Our dried protea bouquets are pre made by our in house florists so you can simply pop them straight in to your favourite vase at home or gift them to loved ones. We love the dried palm collar which adds to their dramatic appeal. Our natural hue bouquets are the perfect choice for chic neutral interiors and they also make stunning sustainable and everlasting wedding bouquets.


dried protea hand tied bouquet in blush and pink


 The Perfect Teacher's Gift - Mini hand tied dried flower bouquet

Not forgetting the all important Teacher's Gifts this time of year! We are celebrating and thanking all those amazing teachers dedicated to educating and preparing the next generation of leaders, entrepreneurs, parents, scientists, politicians, artists, activists and all the great achievements, discoveries and successes still to be achieved by our children in the future! 

This year, when celebrating a teacher, why not thank them with a beautiful, sustainable hand tied mini dried flower bouquet


mini dried flower bouquet in blush


If you’re feeling inspired and looking for more sustainable options in creating a beautiful space that involves very little maintenance or effort with a stunning display, colourful arrangement or a gifting bouquet of forever dried flowers, here is a link to our online sample collection.  We carry a much larger range in store, so why not visit our flower bar in our Henley on Thames store where our expert florist Nicki will be pleased to guide you in finding the perfect dried florals for you. 

With very best sustainable wishes,

Bea and the Wild & Rust Team

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