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Mixed Succulent Arrangment

Mixed Succulent Arrangment

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We always have a selection of our little planted arrangements in store. We pack our rustic bowls with mini Succulents from Echeveria, Cacti and Haworthia, each one is charming and unique. You may leave the mix with us, allowing us to choose what is best and available on the day or if you have any special requirements just let us know in the checkout request box or you can call us to discuss your design on 01491 576060... 

Pot size 14 x 12cm

Plant height 20cm approx

Succulents are perfect for busy people as they thrive on neglect! Their leaves are packed with moisture which means they love their soil to be kept dry. Pop them on a sunny windowsill, keep them warm and away from drafts and they will stay a part of your green family for a very long time. We love these characterful little plants grouped together.

  • Bespoke designs available.
  • Easy care 
  • Mildly Toxic 

Available for local delivery only within a 10 mile radius on Henley-on-Thames (RG9 1UP) at this time. we are working on a suitable and sustainable packaging option so we can soon send or beautiful plant range further afield across the UK.