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Gorgeous sustainable gifts to celebrate every kind of mother in 2021

Would you like to know Wild & Rust’s most unique, loving and sustainable gifts for all of those wonderful mothers this year? Here’s our own story and why we do what we do.

I adore and love my mother, who I very much take after, both with her purposeful walk and larger than life love for her children and since becoming a mother of twin boys myself, I now understand there is something incredibly beautiful and poignant in the way that we single out mothers once a year on Mother’s Day.

A Gift For My Mother

Mother’s Day is a moment in time to truly reflect both on what it means to be a mother (for those who are) and to take stock of just how much our own mothers mean to us. What a privilege and an honour to be able to celebrate these inspiring women who, like my mother and her mother before her, were absolute trailblazers at being entrepreneurs, creators, financially independent, influencers, home makers, farmers and trend setters all whilst giving the absolute best of themselves to make us into the very best versions of ourselves.

My own mother is so proud of how Wild & Rust has grown and the sustainable and ethical approach to gifting.  Here are a few of her favourites!

Fruits of Nature Bluebell Bath Essence – Enjoy a spa experience in your home, pure relaxation where you can switch off and dream amongst the natural fragrance of English Bluebells. 

Fruits of Nature Rose Hand Cream – Our most populate go to luxurious, long lasting moisturiser with the natural fragrance of Roses.

Wild & Rust’s Botanical No 1 Diffuser – Wow,  we have been balled over by the wonderful feedback for our own brand. We have poured our research, knowledge and love into this brand and my mother absolutely loves this!

Wild & Rust Botanical No 1 Candle – if you are more of a candle lover, then our vegan candles are perfect for you. The longevity, the subtle essence and the pure ambience is delightful.

The Lioness Mothers – Giving Them Thanks

When I held my newborn twin sons for the very first time 18 months ago, cuddling them on my chest as they wheeled us out of theatre, I gazed into their beautiful blue eyes (totally biased of course!) and knew at that very moment that I would instantly and unequivocally die to protect them.

Until that moment I had never truly appreciated the ferocity of a mother’s love and although I have at times seen the intensity with which my mother loves me and my younger sister, becoming a mother was a revelation that has changed my perspective on life in a plethora of ways. In particularly it has changed the way I view all the incredible women in my life past and present who are mothering (or have mothered) biological, adopted and foster children of all ages, across cultures and faiths, across continents and in different languages, the one collective factor that cannot be defined by any of our differences is the way in which we all tirelessly make sacrifices and devote ourselves to being the very best mothers we can be, regardless of the odds.

I for one am incredibly privileged to have a lot of inspiring and strong mother role models who have shaped my own approach to motherhood, something that I hope my sons will one day appreciate and recognise as having had a positive impact on their perspective and experience of life (and if they are lucky enough fatherhood one day).

Although sometimes it is hard to capture in words just how much we appreciate and love our mothers, this year I will be recognising all the amazing mothers I know with some stunning hand selected sustainable and ethically sourced gifts from the Wild & Rust Wellbeing Collection.

As my twin sons are growing and developing, alongside the demands of my professional interests, charitable work and running my own business, I have come to very much appreciate the calming effect of a gorgeous W&R Botanical room diffuser or scented candle, the healing power of a good fragranced soak in the bath, a soothing hand cream (who also washes their hands about 100 times a day?!) or a simple moment to myself sipping a delicate blend of chamomile & lavender hand picked herbal tea.

As our mothers deserve the very best, these are the kind of gifts I plan to give to all the wonderful women who are mothers, have been mothers, are becoming mothers and those who never became mothers themselves but generally selflessly devote themselves to being the absolute best they can be by giving the very best of themselves.

Although there is a list of great influencers and famous mothers from the past like Marie Curie and present like Michelle Obama who have made stunning and measurable contributions to society, it is the lockdown mothers of 20/21 that have quietly and tirelessly (without recognition or payment or world fame) performed such a critical role in maintaining their children’s education, emotional and physical well-being when they themselves have at times struggled to maintain their own high spirited motivation, that has been truly inspiring.

Celebrating all the Mums

They are the mothers I will be celebrating this year on Sunday 14th March 2021.

The everyday Mum raising the future leaders, influencers, entrepreneurs and role models of the future teaching at the kitchen table during lockdown with her head shoved in the cupboard stuffing chocolate!

This year more so than ever we celebrate our mothers on the frontline, who are nurses, doctors, surgeons, hospital support staff or care workers holding the hands of the dying, our mothers working tirelessly to educate the children of key workers fighting Covid-19; mothers putting themselves at risk to support others in their time of need; the mothers leading the science to develop vaccines; the mothers driving policy and governance for a fair and just world; and the mothers walking the beat to keep the streets safe.

Before I forget, we are so thrilled to have partnered with Blue Light Card and we offer a discount to any of the front line workers who are part of that wonderful scheme. Log onto the Blue Light Discount Portal and redeem your Wild & Rust Offer today.

Home Schooling Mums

We tend to take schooling for our children for granted, but never have so many mothers been juggling home schooling their children of all ages whilst, cooking, cleaning and Zooming around the clock because they also work fulltime!

Be Kind

How about the mothers doing a food shop or pharmacy run for a neighbour in isolation; the mothers checking in on mothers; the mothers running small and large businesses of all kinds keeping local and national economies thriving; and last but not least the mothers that at a drop of a hat, no matter what time of day or night it is, (thank you Mamma)  are always ready to crawl around on the floor making animal sounds, rolling down the hill on a sunny day, make mud cakes in the rain or have a picnic on the kitchen floor for breakfast.

Those are the most treasured of memories of my mother from my own childhood and I hope that one day my sons will be reminded of things similar when they reflect of the kind of mother I am to them.

Who can state it more eloquently than the late great Maya Angelou herself who said,

‘I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.’

Thank you, Mamma.

Spoiling Our Mothers with Unique Gifts

This Mother’s Day let it be all about spoiling and sharing gorgeous sustainable and ethically sourced gifts (because they deserve the finest!) to show our mothers just how much we appreciate who we are as shaped by them and their unconditional love.

From one mother to another, here’s to the everyday mother doing remarkable things.  

Happy Mother’s Day 2021!

Bea and the team at Wild & Rust

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  • I cannot wait to be able to walk into Wild & Rust and experience your different fragrances.
    At this moment I smell your botanical diffuser that flows through my town house, creating a feeling of calmness. Thank you!

    Sonja du Toit

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