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Age Verification Policy

CBD Sales

As a responsible retailer Wild & Rust will not sell a CBD product to you unless you are over 18.

Please note that although it is not a legislative requirement, we may ask you to produce photograph identification in store to prove your age when you buy CBD from us. Please don’t be offended if we ask.

When creating an account and placing your first order with us online you will be asked to provide your full name, and billing address, which should be entered as they appear on the electoral roll, driving licence or are used for a UK credit card. Please note that we reserve the right to also request your date of birth.

Please ensure this information is entered accurately as we may use it to verify your age before we can deliver your order.

We will use the information to attempt to securely verify your age using electoral roll information.

If we cannot verify your age using electoral roll information, we may contact you to arrange the secure transfer of your ID document for verification.

If you have any queries regarding this policy, please contact us at