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February Spotlight: Fruits of Nature's Rose Collection

Fikkerts is a name that’s making big waves in the sustainable industry right now - and for good reason! Their Fruits of Nature range is popping up across the UK, and we’re very privileged to have plenty of their gorgeous products in stock at Wild & Rust.

If you haven’t tried their range yet, we’re focusing our attention on their Rose collection this February. What better time to try their homage to the most romantic flower than in the month that’s all about love? Read on to discover everything you need to know about this sweet-scented collection and find your perfect pick!

Who Are Fikkerts?

Fikkerts is actually quite an old British brand, having first been established over 100 years ago. Using natural ingredients, they first made medicinal products, such as cough mixtures and teas to aid sleep. As the company was passed down through the generations, the product ranges expanded and evolved.

Now, the family business’ most popular range is undoubtedly their Fruits of Nature collection, which captures scents from the English Countryside. They’ve combined their traditional knowledge of herbology with modern aromatherapy techniques to create something truly exquisite for your self-care routine. Made from sustainable, natural, and vegan ingredients, they’re a brand for the modern individual who wants to keep in touch with traditional roots.

Why Will You Love Their Rose Range?

At Wild & Rust, we’re huge fans of all of the Fruits of Nature products, but February is always the time of year we open up our Rose collections! They’re undeniably romantic, and make wonderful presents for loved ones on Valentine’s Day, or as a self-care treat for yourself. 

The sweet, floral fragrance has been naturally distilled using real rose petals. If you’re used to artificial rose scents, this will be a wholly new experience. Fresh and potent, you’ll never go back to faux rose after you’ve experienced the delicacy of the real thing. 

We think the Rose range is ideal for sharing the love this year. Using their products helps you to become more mindful and encourages self-love, ensuring you take that little extra time out during the day to take care of yourself. Made from the highest quality vegan ingredients, get ready to lavish yourself in the gentle sweetness of the most romantic flower of all this February.

Without further ado, let’s take a peek at some of the gorgeous products you can try from this quintessentially British brand!

Fruits of Nature Rose collection of toiletries and a candle in a wooden bowl

Fruits of Nature Rose Bath Essence

If you love a bath (or know someone who does) you’ll fall head over heels for the Fruits of Nature Rose Bath Essence. This milky oil is all-natural and the perfect addition to your soak, adding a few drops of pure indulgence to your hour of peace. The essence contains gorgeous dried blooms suspended in the oil, making for a really beautiful gift.

To create a bath infused with roses, simply pour a little into warm water. You’ll witness the oil transform into a moisturising milk that disperses through the water to nourish, hydrate, and soothe your skin. Pair with a hot cup of tea, some relaxing music, and a good book for a blissful soak.

Fruits of Nature's bath essence containing rose petals in our sustainable gift shop in Henley


Fruits of Nature Rose Body Cream

There’s no better feeling than stepping out of a bath or shower, still warm and relaxed from your soak, and applying a body cream you love to clean, soothed skin. That, for us, is serenity.

The Fruits of Nature Rose Body Cream is one of our favourite choices for hydrating skin. With that beautiful sweet Rose fragrance, you don’t even need to worry about perfume! You’ll smell floral and fragrant all day long, spreading the love wherever you go.

It’s also an incredibly rich cream, so you only need a little bit to moisturise dry skin. Trust us, after using this alongside the milky bath essence, you’ll be glowing. 

Fruits of Nature Rose body cream with a dried flower in our gift shop in Henley-on-Thames

Fruits of Nature Rose Candle & Diffuser

Self-care isn’t always about baths and moisturising. Sometimes, taking some time out of your day to appreciate yourself can be as simple as cooking a healthy meal, taking time to journal, or… lighting a candle. 

The nights are still dark at the moment, and a candle is the perfect way to bring a bit of warmth and light back into your evenings. The Fruits of Nature Rose Candle - made from sustainable soy wax - is the ideal fragrance for the month of love, and a beautiful way to relax and unwind. Light yours to fill your home with the scent of real roses, transporting yourself to an English garden in full bloom and dream of the warmer spring that awaits us. 

If candles aren’t really your thing, but you’d still love to fill your home with fragrant roses, take a look at the Fruits of Nature Rose Diffuser. Made from natural oils and sustainable materials, it’s the eco-friendly way to keep your home smelling gorgeous.  

Fruits of Nature zero-waste candle outside of our sustainable shop in Henley with green leaves in the background

Shop More Fruits of Nature Ranges at Wild & Rust

If you love Fruits of Nature as much as we do or you fancy trying a product, be sure to check out our whole range! We stock many of their gorgeous, sustainable self-care products. If you have any questions about the items mentioned here, or any others we’ve mentioned, feel free to get in touch with our team - we’ll be more than happy to help!

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