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Have You Got Your Christmas B Plan Sorted Yet?

6 Last-Minute Sustainable Stocking Fillers for Your Christmas Plan B

If you’ve been reading the papers or watching the news recently, you’ve probably heard a lot about Plan B. The government has coined the term to describe the new Covid rules, but at Wild & Rust, we have a different meaning for Plan B - and it’s a lot more cheerful!

We use Plan B to talk about all of those last-minute stocking fillers and Christmas gifts in the run-up to the 25th. If you’re guilty of Christmas Eve shopping or have forgotten someone in your secret Santa, you’re not alone! There will be plenty of others out there rushing to the shops to find something as the clocks tick ever-closer to Christmas Day.

That’s why we always have a Plan B. These are small stocking fillers that you can use for everyone. Whether you receive an unexpected gift from a friend or left your great uncle John off of your Christmas shopping list, you’ll have a gift prepared that’s wrapped and ready to go.

If you’d like to sort out your own Plan B, here are our top sustainable Christmas gifts and eco-friendly stocking fillers. Good luck - and Merry Christmas!

1. Beeswax Dining Candles

During the winter months, there’s nothing better than getting in from the cold, popping on your slippers, and lighting your living room candles. Warming and undeniably cosy, we don’t know anyone who doesn’t enjoy decorating their space with candles! This year, keep a few of our Beeswax Dining Candles in your back pocket (maybe not literally) as a last-minute gift. 

Made from natural dyes and fragrances, these gorgeous candles will add a dash of luxury to every dining table. Each pair is made using traditional techniques by a small team of trained artisans, and they make lovely sustainable stocking fillers. 

Four dining candles presented as sustainable Christmas stocking fillers


2. Sustainable Christmas Tree Decorations

Christmas tree decorations make lovely gifts this time of year, and you can gift them to almost anyone! Men, women, old, young; as long as they celebrate Christmas, beautiful tree decor is always appreciated. We have a wide selection of eco-friendly Christmas decorations that you can have wrapped and waiting as backups this year.

Take a look at a few of our smaller pieces, like our Jai Glass Bells, Antique Gold Baubles, and Nevasa Baubles, which can be paired in a beautiful presentation box for a wonderful gift. Or make a statement with a single Giant Nevasa Bauble in Smoke & Copper

Eco-friendly recycled glass Christmas tree decorations on a real Christmas tree

3. Artisan Ceramic Plant Pot

If you’re on the hunt for last-minute sustainable Christmas presents, our Artisan Ceramic Plant Pot is ideal for any homeowner! Handmade from eco-friendly materials, they’re beautifully decorated with a rustic-chic look that’s quite unique and compliments plants perfectly. Add a small succulent to your pot for a plant that’s easy to look after and a pot that will look right at home on any shelf or mantle. 

4. Geranium & Orange Hand and Body Wash

Nothing says stocking filler like shower gel, but this Mandarin & Ginger Hand and Body Wash is a little different from your usual bottles! Luxurious, handmade in the UK, and packaged in traditional glass bottles, it wouldn’t look out of place in an apothecary. It’s also exquisitely fragranced with natural essential oils and is designed to cleanse the skin without drying it, leaving you feeling moisturised and smelling sweet when you step out of the bath. It’s one of those gifts people may not buy for themselves but will love to receive - and isn’t that the perfect present?

Geranium & Orange hand and body wash in sustainable glass bottle on cotton fabric

4. Dried Flower Bouquet

Okay, so a dried flower bouquet may not fit in a stocking, but it’s still a fantastic last-minute present for anyone you’ve forgotten! Keep a few bunches prepared in Christmas gift bags so that all you have to do is write the tag and you have an elegant present ready to give.

You could make your own bouquet by pairing a few of our dried flowers, like Lavender and Charchol Pampas, or opt for our arrangements, like Wild Blush, for an impressive centrepiece. Unlike fresh flowers, these bouquets won’t wilt before you gift them, and they’ll last for years to come after that, too!

Dried flowers in front of Wild & Rust sustainable shop in Henley-on-Thames

5. Seaweed & Samphire Hand Cream

When it comes to sustainable stocking fillers, you can’t forget hand cream. Every stocking needs a delightfully fragranced hand cream in our opinion, especially now that we’re constantly drying out our skin with hand sanitiser. In fact, it’s never been a more appropriate present! Our Seaweed & Samphire Hand Cream is an ideal plastic-free stocking filler. With a deep, rich scent and 98% natural ingredients, it’s an indulgent cream that’ll make anyone happy this Christmas.

6. Eco-Friendly Mindful Gift Sets

Gift sets can be really hit and miss at Christmas. That’s why we worked hard to create sets that are not only eco-friendly but also contain thoughtful products that people will really enjoy receiving. They’re a really easy way to give a substantial present this year, and you should definitely have a couple in your cupboard for those just-in-case scenarios!

Our Cinnamon Gift Set is quintessentially festive, containing ethically sourced baubles, a nourishing soap bar made in the UK, and a botanical candle in a stylish glass jar. Or, for something a little more unique, why not take a peek at our Green Stem CBD Gift Set full of topical CBD presents? Whether you know someone who already enjoys using CBD or who you think could benefit from the products, it’s a special present that they probably won’t get two of!

Eco-friendly Christmas gift set as a stocking filler with soap, candle, and Christmas decorations

Fill Your Sustainable Stocking With Gifts From Wild & Rust

Finding sustainable stocking fillers is easy, as long as you know where to look! At Wild & Rust, we know that having a few Plan B gifts is a must to get you through the festive season embarrassment-free. There’s nothing worse than receiving a gift and having nothing to give in return! All of these eco-friendly presents will save you from awkwardness, giving you plenty of lovely options that lots of people will love to find under their Christmas tree.

To find more eco-friendly stocking fillers and perfect Plan B’s, take a look at our Christmas range. Full of festivity and with something for every budget, we’ll help you keep everyone happy this festive season.

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