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March Is the Month of Female Empowerment

At Wild & Rust, we’ve decided that March is officially the month of women. Of course, we always promote and support women empowerment, but there’s a reason why this month in particular is the ideal time to feel the girl power. 

In March, we’ll be celebrating two very special events: International Women's Day and Mother’s Day. If that isn’t the world saying it’s time to celebrate women, we don’t know what is! So, let’s celebrate all things feminine, from Mother Nature to your own mums. 

What is International Women’s Day?

Internation Women’s Day (on the 8th March 2022) is a holiday celebrated around the world. It’s a day to celebrate the incredible achievements of women, socially, culturally, and politically, and to shine a light on the various types of gender discrimination that still exist today. The organisation dreams of a world where stereotypes and discrimination are a thing of the past, and women are held up in societies across the globe as equal to men. 

At Wild & Rust, we’re a team of women, so it’s no surprise that we love this special day! It’s a chance to empower your fellow females and celebrate femininity, putting the spotlight on the amazing achievements of women in the world. What’s not to love?

Three women standing together for international women's day

Make Sure You Celebrate Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day (27th March) is a more commonly known holiday, partly because it’s been celebrated for a lot longer. Nonetheless, it can be easy to let the day slip past without notice. This year, make an extra effort to celebrate the mothers in your life, whoever they may be. Perhaps it’s your genetic mum, your adoptive mum, a woman who has always felt like a mother to you, or a woman who is a mother to someone else. It doesn’t matter, as long as you’re celebrating them!

Mother’s Day is a day to appreciate the value of mothers in our society. From preparing packed lunches and wiping snotty noses, to giving you a call when you’re down and raising brilliant men and women, mothers do a whole lot without expecting a thank you. So, take the time to let them know you value them this March. 

Mother hugging baby on Mother's Day smiling and wearing a large sun hat

Take Extra Care For Mother Nature This March

March is the month of the feminine, and to us, there’s one female that deserves a whole lot of appreciation we haven’t mentioned yet - Mother Nature. Although Earth Day isn’t until April, we don’t see a reason not to celebrate the planet we call home in the month of females. In fact, why not do something to show your love for the Earth every month? It doesn’t have to be big, just a little gesture to reflect your appreciation for our beautiful home.

Treat the Women In Your Life This March

If you want to join us in celebrating the amazing women in your life, we’ve put together a few gift ideas to help you. Of course, presents aren’t the only way to show the girls around you how incredible they are. You could also offer a free night of babysitting for tired a mother, cook dinner for your favourite girlfriends, or take over the household chores for a woman in your life. Having said that, a little gift doesn’t hurt!

All of our beautiful items at WIld & Rust are sustainable, too, helping you celebrate Mother Nature whilst you shine the light on your favourite females. Give a gift that doesn’t hurt the planet with these top picks.

Say It With a Houseplant

Houseplants are a thoughtful, eco-friendly gift that’s definitely worthy of the most fabulous ladies in your life. We have a wide range to pick from in our plant shop in Henley, including the stunning and ever-popular Snake Plant (also appropriately nicknamed “Mother in Law’s Tongue”!) and the elegant Fiddle Leaf Fig. Browse our Artisan Plant Pots, too, to give your green friend a home.  

House plants on a wooden shelf in our gift shop in Henley

Give the Gift of Self-Care

Busy women deserve some time off. But, as we all know, we can sometimes forget to take care of ourselves when constantly putting others first or striving to further our careers. Show your favourite women that they deserve a break with our Wellbeing Gift Set. A beautiful collection of natural, rose-scented products (including a Bath Essence and Hand Cream), it’s pure indulgence in an eco-friendly box!

Mindful gift set in a sustainable kraft box wrapped with a ribbon and the Wild & Rust logo printed on the side

A Dried Flower Bouquet

Thinking of getting the woman in your life a run-of-the-mill bouquet? Think again! If you want to show a mother, best friend, or all-around amazing lady how brilliant they are, they deserve flowers that are beautiful, special, and last a lifetime. Browse our Dried Flower Bar for inspiration and pick out thoughtful and stylish blooms to bring colour to your loved one’s home. 

Eco-friendly and ethical pink bouquet of dried flowers

A Tincture Worthy of a Powerful Woman

There’s no doubt that women are powerful forces of nature. Multi-tasking, caring, driven humans, a woman is an incredible being! But, even us ladies need a boost now and again. Our Herbal Tinctures are the perfect gift to keep an amazing woman always feeling her best, both inside and out. Natural remedies to boost skin, immunity, and brainpower, these potions are amazing pick-me-ups that keep incredible ladies doing incredible things.

Winter boost tincture on white background from eco gift shop in Henley-on-Thames


Create Your Own Gift Set

At Wild & Rust, we have a lot of visitors at our gift shop in Henley and our online shop who are trying to put together the perfect present. That’s why we have gorgeous Kraft Gift Boxes made of recycled materials and tied with a pretty ribbon so that you can give a tailored, meaningful present. Fill it with all the sustainable treasures you can find, from our tinctures and balms to candles and loose leaf teas! 

Sustainable gift set for Mother's Day from Henley gift shop

Women and Girls Unite With WIld & Rust

If you believe in the power of women and Mother Nature, join the Wild & Rust community today! Sign up to our newsletters for more news of the planet and our sustainable goods, making sure you’re always up to date, and support a business made by women. 

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