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Open Up Your Home to Nature

Biologically, humans are designed to be around nature. Having a roof over our head and four walls around us was never the plan! It’s not hard to find proof of this when you look at the many benefits nature has on our wellbeing. It can relieve stress, make us feel happier, and improve our focus. Humans and Mother Nature were always designed to work together, harmoniously however, the lifestyles we have chosen to lead may at times impact the quality of our everyday lives depending on just how much we are able to incorporate nature into our every day.

Luckily, there are plenty of ways we may choose to bring the outside indoors! With these sustainable lifestyle and home decor tips, you can re-connect with the great outdoors and feel more grounded, allowing the world around you to bring joy and peace to your life. Let’s jump right in!

Add Plenty of House Plants

How could we not start with house plants? This is a brilliant way to bring some of Mother Nature indoors. It’s very hard to overdo house plants, too, with mini jungles fitting right into the home environment. Start by adding at least one houseplant to every room and go from there. Soon, you’ll have a thriving world of life and greenery to wake up to every day!

House plants aren’t just a beautiful addition to your home decor, they have plenty of other benefits too. They can rid your air of toxins, improve your skin, boost productivity, and even help you sleep better. In terms of wellbeing, they’re a goldmine. 


Eco houseplants from our sustainable plant shop


Fill Your Kitchen With Herbal Teas

A warm, comforting mug of herbal tea is a fantastic way to feel more grounded and in touch with the natural world. Brewed from herbs, spices, fruits, and all of the best natural ingredients the world has to offer, you’re drinking straight from nature’s cup! Herbal teas also come with a wide range of healthy benefits.

Chamomile and Lavender tea, for example, is well-known for its calming and relaxing properties. Ginger tea can soothe the stomach and relieve nausea, whilst Echinacea tea can boost your immune system. 

At Wild & Rust, we also have a range of botanical blends of organic tea, crafted for different purposes. The Antioxidant Organic Tea, for example, is full of Sencha green tea, hibiscus, and citrus lemon, which is a refreshing blend that’s full of disease-fighting, skin-clearing antioxidants. Each infusion is packaged in a sustainable, plastic-free glass bottle, too, helping you to help nature, whilst nature helps you.

Add a few herbal brews to your kitchen for when you need a moment of calm or a boost to your mind.


Four glass jars of sustainable loose leaf tea from our eco gift shop in Henley


Focus on Natural Wellbeing Products

Becoming more in touch with nature can take many forms. For us, we enjoy taking the time to find exquisite well-being products that are derived from natural ingredients, rather than chock-full of chemicals. By focusing on the healing power of nature, we become more in touch with the world around us.

A perfect addition to your bathroom this spring is the Bluebell collection from Fruits of Nature. A family-owned company based in Yorkshire, Fruits of Nature focus on creating nourishing products with divine fragrances from natural ingredients. This is a modern apothecary, using the power of plants for powerful products.

We recommend sampling our amazing (so our customers tell us too) Bluebell Hand Cream if you’re looking to give this gorgeous natural range a try. Or, add our Bluebell Bath Essence to your bathroom for a real treat, blending a few drops of the flower-infused oil with water for an indulgent and relaxing bath. So simple, yet so powerful.


Bluebell gift set of eco-friendly products from Fruits of Nature


Create a Herbal Remedy Cupboard

In the modern world, we can be all too quick to rely on chemicals and man-made supplements to boost our health and wellbeing. But, nature can be just as powerful a remedy! Of course, for medical issues, you should always consult a medical professional before trying a herbal solution. However, for minor issues, natural remedies can give you a real boost.

Create a small herbal remedy cupboard in your home and start learning more about nature’s healing ingredients. CBD, for example, has become very popular in recent years for its anxiety-reducing and pain-relieving effects. Discover our full range of CBD at our sustainable shop in Henley.

We also have a few botanical tinctures at Wild & Rust. Our Organic Skin Tonic is perfect for cleansing your body and is rich in antioxidants, supporting a healthy immune system for a glow that begins within.

Eco-friendly CBD tincture organic on white background


Dried Flowers For Low-Maintenance Decor

Dried flowers are a trend that’s here to stay! Offering an abundance of rustic chic and cottage charm, these colourful blooms are an ideal way to introduce the beauty of nature into your home. If you’re not green-fingered and often end up with houseplants that look more lacklustre than lively, this is a fantastic solution. Dried flowers are entirely low-maintenance, needing no water or care to stay looking beautiful. 

Simply add your chosen bouquets to eco-friendly vases for an instant lift to your home. We particularly love the Izan Indigo Vase. Crafted from recycled glass in fresh and bright indigo, these handblown vases compliment neutral-toned dried flowers and add a light, breezy feel to the home. 

If you’re a fan of brighter blooms, the clear glass of the Miza Smoke Glass Vase is the ideal choice. With smooth, curved contours for a contemporary look and finished with a unique brass ring, these Fairtrade and sustainable pieces are the perfect home for dried flowers.


Eco recycled vases in blue and brown for dried flowes against a brown background from our eco shop


Browse More Products Inspired by Nature

Wild & Rust is a brand that’s always enthusiastic about nature! The world around us inspires us constantly, which is why we’re trying to help look after it with our ethical, sustainable home and wellbeing products. If you’re looking to incorporate more natural themes in your home and feel connected to the outdoors, browse more from our eco-friendly collections.

If you have any questions about the products mentioned here, feel free to get in touch with our team or pop in to our store at 28 Duke Street in Henley-on-Thames and we’ll be more than happy to help.

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