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Plan Your Perfect Jubilee Garden Party

This year is an important year for British Royal history. Of course, we’re talking about the Queen’s Jubilee! As the longest-reigning monarch on our throne, it’s only right we mark this occasion with a bit of a splash. From bubbles in the garden to street parties with all of your neighbours, everyone will be celebrating.

Although the date of the Queen’s coronation was on the 6th February 1952, we’ll be celebrating the Platinum Jubilee from the 2nd to the 5th of June. If you’re marking the occasion with a very Royal garden party, we’ve put together some tips to help you celebrate in style - and sustainably, of course.

Always Offer a Good Cup of Tea

What’s more British than a piping hot cup of tea? Make sure you’re prepared to make plenty of brews with our loose-leaf herbal teas and cut down on the plastic waste from tea bags.

Spearmint and Peppermint make a refreshing drink on a warm day, whilst Lemongrass will add a little kick to your festivities! All of our teas come in gorgeous glass jars, too, so you can make a table display that’s worthy of the Queen herself. 


Sustainable loose-leaf mint tea in glass jar


What About Catering?

If you’re having a large number of guests over, it could be smart to think about hiring catering for your garden party. 

A caterer could either prepare you with nibbles, such as sandwiches, cakes, and scones. Or, you could hire a chef to create a lunchtime meal for your guests. Trust us, if you’re having a big party and you don’t enjoy cooking, it’ll be well worth the cost.

Dried Flowers Add a Chic Touch to a Garden Party

Adding fresh florals to a garden party is the obvious choice, but what about a selection of dried blooms? Stylish, chic, and perfectly on-trend, they’re a fantastic option for bringing something a little unique to your tables. What’s more, you can keep them long after the day’s over as a keepsake of this special event - your own Platinum Jubilee garden party memorabilia! 

Take a peek at our Dried Flower Collection or pop into our sustainable shop in Henley to browse them in person.


Large dried flowers at Henley eco gift store

Offer Drinks in a Classy Water Dispenser 

Refreshments are a must for any Jubilee party. Rather than serving yours straight from the bottle or tap, why not distil your beverages into a beautiful dispenser instead?

Our Greys Water Dispenser is handmade from recycled glass that’s been hammered to achieve a distinctive, stylish texture. The lid is made from light-toned mango wood, whilst the tap is rustic brass. Fill with Pimms, lemon and cucumber water, or iced tea - whatever you fancy for the big day!


Recycled glass water dispenser on wooden table at Henley gift shop


Plenty of Beeswax Wraps For Leftovers

There’s no doubt you’ll have plenty of scones, Victoria sponge, and scotch eggs leftover once dusk has settled and the celebrations are coming to an end. Be prepared with eco-friendly Beeswax Wraps. These are a much more sustainable option than plastic clingfilm or single-use tinfoil. Reusable, biodegradable, and in a range of adorable patterns, they’re the perfect way to store your tasty treats.

We recommend Bumble Wrap’s Everyday Pack. With three different sizes, all of your storage needs are met without harming the environment.


Eco-friendly beeswax wraps covering a salad


Light the Evening With Dining Candles

Just because the sun has set doesn’t mean the party has to end! Prepare a dining table with a tablecloth, a few bottles of something delicious, and some nibbles as the night progresses.

We then recommend adding candles into the mix, providing your garden party with a soft, ambient glow to take you through the evening. Pop out a few vegan dining candles along with a scented candle or two. Try the Herbal Candle in Sage & Thyme for a fresh fragrance that will blend in perfectly with your garden.


Eco-friendly vegan candle from our shop in Henley


Be Prepared For Rain

We don’t want to jinx the bank holiday weekend, but this is the UK! We must always be prepared for bad weather. If you’re hosting a garden party, be sure to have a few contingency plans in place in case the sun fails to make an appearance.

A gazebo is a fantastic way to stay outside without getting wet, and having a few umbrellas on hand to keep guests dry as they walk to and from the shelter is a considerate touch. Provide blankets if it gets a little chilly, or consider lighting a chiminea or two for some cosy warmth.

Stock Up On Hand Sanitiser

Spending the day outdoors makes hand sanitiser a must. Even with Covid risk aside, it’s vital you have a nice bottle around so that people can quickly refresh their hands before eating food - especially finger food! If there are little ones who are likely to be getting a little mucky, it’s even more essential.

We recommend Fruits of Nature’s Green Tea Hand Sanitiser. Crafted from natural ingredients alongside 70% alcohol, it cleanses without drying and leaves hands gorgeously scented. The packaging is incredibly stylish too, so it will go perfectly with your chic garden party table!


Natural hand gel from Fruits of Nature on wooden tray


Browse More Sustainable Goods at Wild & Rust

The Platinum Jubilee is fast approaching, so if you’re having a garden party it’s time to get prepared! Hopefully these tips help you have a wonderful, royal day and a gorgeous bank holiday weekend. 

If you’ve been inspired by the eco-friendly decor and wellbeing products we’ve spoken about, be sure to discover more on our website! We have a wide of eco-friendly items both online and in our Henley sustainable shop, from gorgeous plants to luxurious bath oils. 

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