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Planning the Perfect Bluebell Walk With Wild & Rust

Bluebell walks are a lovely way to spend a sunny Spring day. Whether you’re planning a Sunday out with your little ones or thinking of taking a romantic stroll one weekday evening with your partner, there are plenty of bluebell routes across the UK to enjoy! 

At Wild & Rust, we know the importance of getting outside and surrounding yourself with nature. It can provide a huge boost for your wellbeing, not to mention the physical benefits of a good walk. With that in mind, we’ve put together a little guide to help you plan your bluebell walk. There are plenty of sustainable tips, too, so that all you leave behind are footprints. 

Find the Perfect Bluebell Walk Route

First things first, you need to find the perfect walk for you, your family, or your friends to enjoy. We recommend taking a peek at the routes offered by the Woodland Trust. These are often protected areas where the wildlife is looked after, allowing the trees, animals, and insects who call these spots home to flourish.


Sustainable bluebell walk Henley

Pack all of Your Outdoor Sustainable Essentials

Whether you’re going on an all-day hike or an afternoon adventure, don’t forget to pack the essentials. A must for any outdoor activity is a good hand sanitiser. The Fruits of Nature Mini Green Tea Hand Sanitiser is perfect for removing germs whilst on the go. Made in the UK from natural ingredients alongside 70% alcohol, it kills bacteria and nourishes your skin simultaneously.

Other outdoor essentials include:

  • Bamboo plasters
  • Suncream (we recommend a mineral suncream to protect our oceans)
  • An extra layer in case it gets chilly

Don’t forget to bring a camera or smartphone for lots of beautiful bluebell photos, too!


Eco-friendly hand sanitiser plastic free in sustainable shop in Henley on Thames


Don’t Forget Your Snacks and Water

Two essentials that definitely deserve their own section are food and water. Make sure to bring plenty of water in a reusable water bottle so that you don’t have to buy any plastic bottles whilst out. If you’re bringing sandwiches or other loose snacks, wrap them in Bumble Wrap Rolls. These are plastic-free clingfilm alternatives that are much better for our planet, and they come with a cute little bee home, too! 

Eco-friendly food wraps with bumble bees from our eco gift shop Henley

Stock Up On the Fruits of Nature Bluebell Collection

When back from your bluebell walk, you’ll have plenty of memories that you’ll want to cherish. But you can also make the experience last longer by stocking up on the sweetly scented Bluebell Collection from Fruits of Nature, a family-owned business that makes gorgeous natural products. We recommend starting with our Bluebell Soap Bar and Bluebell Hand Lotion. Whenever you use them, you’ll be transported back to meadows in full bloom and these sunny Spring days. 


Pile of eco friendly Bluebell soap bars from Fruits of Nature in brown carboard packaging


Discover More Wellbeing Tips at Wild & Rust

Wild & Rust is a sustainable gift shop in Henley, specialising in lifestyle products and home decor. We’re also big advocates for looking after your wellbeing, and it’s something we talk a lot about on our blog and in our newsletters. Be sure you’re subscribed for plenty more tips to make your life happier and your health better!

If you have any questions about the products mentioned here, don’t hesitate to email our team. We’ll be more than happy to help.

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