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The Sustainable Valentine’s Day Gift Guide (For Him, For Her, For You)

In the UK, around 91% of people are likely to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year. That makes it one of the most popular holidays in the country, and could see a jaw-dropping £1.37 billion being spent on gifts! What a generous lot we are.

If you’re going to be sharing the love this year, we thought we’d do our bit to help. Whether you’re buying for him, for her, or for yourself (self-care Valentine’s Days are absolutely a thing), we’ve put together our top presents to ensure everybody feels the love. Take a peek and let’s get romantic!

Sustainable Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him

Green Stem CBD Tincture

If you know a man who’s always on the go, give them a present that will help them wind down. This Green Stem CBD Sleep Tincture is made from the highest quality organic CBD right here in the UK and is infused with magnesium, vitamin B6, and zinc. Together, this is one powerful concoction to help your loved one get better sleep.

Organic Green Stem CBD sleep tincture in bottle with outer packaging stood next to it on a white background

Mandarin & Ginger Hand and Body Wash

In 2022, there’s nothing saying that a man can’t enjoy a luxurious body wash. This Mandarin & Ginger scent is ideal for adding a little warming spice to their shower and is crafted from natural essential oils to nourish the skin. Spicy and uplifting, it also comes in a super sustainable glass bottle, making this perfect for the eco-conscious man in your life!

Zero-waste shower gel in brown bottle on beige background in Henley-on-Thames gift shop

Eco-Friendly Limited Edition Lino Prints

Gifting someone art is romantic. Gifting someone art that’s sustainably produced is a whole new level of love. We have a few different eco-friendly lino prints at Wild & Rust, including the Begonia and Sansevieria prints which make a beautiful pair! Created by a local artist in the English countryside, there’s only a limited run of these artworks so snap them up whilst you can.

Eco-friendly all-blue lino print of a plant in a vase with a diagonal patter

Sustainable Valentine’s Day Gifts For Her

Mango Wood Hurricane Lamps

It’s normal to gift candles for Valentine’s Day, so we thought we’d think a little outside of the box this year. Our idea? These beautiful Mango Wood Hurricane Lamps. Made from recycled glass and natural wood, they’re a unique gift for the woman in your life who loves her candles! They make wonderful centrepieces for a homemade dinner or pair perfectly with a romantic bath and a few rose petals as part of the perfect Valentine’s Day.

Mango wood and recycled glass hurrican lamps with burning candles against a grey wall in Henley gift shop

Vintage Brewery Crate (Fill With Your Loved One’s Favourite Drinks)

At Wild & Rust, we have a selection of vintage items carefully hand-selected by our team. One of our favourites at the moment is this incredible Vintage Brewery Crate, which has sailed across the seas from the Timmerman Brewery in Brugge and eventually landed right here in the UK. We think it would make a delightful eco-friendly Valentine’s Day present for your special lady. Fill it with her favourite bottles of wine, gin, or fruit juices for a gift that’s bound to please.

Vintage wooden brewery crate with a few empty glass bottles on a white wooden table with green shutters in background

Senecio String of Pearls

A gorgeous houseplant is always a thoughtful gift, and nothing beats this Senecio String of Pearls - at least not in our opinion! Easy to care for, this is a fantastic choice for someone who is looking to start nurturing their green fingers and delve into the world of plant care. It also has adorable pea-like leaves, which are just too cute to leave in the shop (or your basket if you’re shopping online). 

String of pearls plant in a sustainable grey artisan plant pot on a shelf with two other plant pots on either side

Self-Care Valentine’s Day Gifts For Yourself

Wilder Beauty Tea Infusion

Who is to say that you can’t make this Valentine’s Day a time to treat yourself? Self-love is perhaps the most important love of all! Start your day off with a mug of this warming loose leaf tea from Wilder, a London based company that produce small batches of truly exquisite brews. Their Beauty Tea is designed to nourish you physically and mentally, making it the perfect Valentine’s Day self-care treat.

Wilder beauty tea in a glass jar on white background

Create Your Own Spa Day

If you don’t often treat yourself to a long soak in the bath or an indulgent shower, now’s the time to do so. Invest in a few staple pieces for your bathroom to turn your space into a relaxing spa, like the De-Stress Bath & Body Oil from Yellow Gorse. Crafted from natural oils, it’s nourishing to your skin and has a gorgeous scent designed to help you find inner peace. We also recommend the Fruits of Nature Rose Body Cream for silky, sweet-smelling skin. 

De-stress natural bath and body oil in two glass jars on a wooden table with beige cotton blankets behind

An Everlasting Bouquet

Every special Valentine’s Day needs flowers. This year, why not buy yourself a gorgeous bouquet? You should always be your own number one fan, after all! At Wild & Rust, we have an amazing Dried Flower Bar where you can browse through plenty of dried blooms. Stylish, easy to look after, and long-lasting, you won’t just have a bouquet for the day, but for life! Isn’t that lovely?

Holding a bunch of dried lavender in front of eco-friendly gift shop in Henley

Make Valentine’s Day Eco-Friendly With Wild & Rust

If you want to share the love this year and celebrate the beauty of life, make your Valentine’s Day sustainable. It’s easy to show someone (or yourself) how much you care without harming the planet, and these ideas prove that. Made from renewable materials with a low carbon footprint, they’re fantastic for an eco-friendly Valentine’s Day. 

If you have any questions about the products we’ve mentioned here, drop us an email or pop by our shop in Henley-on-Thames where a member of our team will be happy to help!

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