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Alocasia - Large

Alocasia - Large

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Pot size 24cm approx

Height 70cm approx 

The Alocasia, also known as 'Elephant’s Ear' has a majestic presence with it's large beautifully patterned leaves and their rich plum underside. These leaves are also great air purifiers making this houseplant the perfect plant partner to sit in your bedroom or office for an Oxygen boost! 

This tropical jungle loving plant thrives in high humidity, so treat it to a regular misting or stand it's pot in a tray of wet pebbles to ensure extra moisture reaches the plant directly through it's roots whilst air is allowed to reach them too. Keep in a shady position in your home and during the UK Summer months this striking beast will be very happy on a sheltered pation. 

  • Air purifier
  • Sensitive to over watering
  • HIGHLY TOXIC - Keep away from children and pets

Available for local delivery within a 10 mile radius on Henley-on-Thames (RG9 1UP) at this time. We are working on a suitable and sustainable packaging option so we can soon send our beautiful plant range further afield across the UK.

Only available for local delivery within a 5 mile radius of Henley-on-Thames at this present time.