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Celebrate International Happiness Day and a Have a Joyful Spring

If you’ve felt that this winter has been a long one, you’re not alone. Although it was lovely to have Christmas again and the cosy nights in were wonderful, we’re definitely ready for brighter evenings and warmer days. Luckily, they’re just around the corner!

Spring 2022 will begin on the 20th of March in the Northern Hemisphere. On the same day, we’ll also be celebrating International Happiness Day around the world. To us, that sounds like an absolutely wonderful time! The promise of more sunshine and a time to reflect on what makes us happy: it feels like it’s coming just as we need it.

If you’re getting in the spirit of Spring and all things joyful, our team at Wild & Rust have put together some ideas to boost your mood and lift your spirits. Winter is soon behind us, and brighter days are coming!

What Is International Happiness Day?

Before getting into our tips, let’s take a brief look at what International Happiness Day is all about.

This global day was established to raise more awareness of mental health issues and prioritise happiness. The organisation believe that the world has become too caught up in success and the never-ending climb for promotions, more money, and better materials items, and we need to shift our goals to become more joy-centric.

Every year, they create brilliant resources to spread joy and promote self-care. With expert webinars and free happiness coaching, it’s a fantastic place to learn how to put your mental health first. This year, we hope everyone takes the time to focus on their happiness, making 2022 the year of joy.


Woman raising her arms to the sky in front of the sun and looking happy

Lift the Mood In Your Home With Houseplants

Spring is a time of renewal and the flourishing of life. What better way to embrace these things than by filling your home with luscious houseplants? Plants also come with a whole host of benefits, including boosting your mood, which is perfect for International Happiness Day!

NASA discovered that houseplants can reduce toxins in your home by almost 90% within 24 hours, along with making you feel calmer and lowering your blood pressure. You’ll be healthier physically and mentally, and your space will be brighter and full of colour. It’s the perfect way to welcome spring into your home.

At Wild & Rust, we have a whole range of indoor houseplants for you to browse through. Some of our top picks include Aloe Vera, which has a really unique aesthetic and is super practical (its leaves contain Aloe Vera gel which has many uses!), Maranta Fascinator which is a beautifully striking plant, and the Yucca Elephnatides, a plant that makes a statement and is really easy to care for.


Hanging houseplants in sustainable gold plant pots

Get Outside and Boost Your Endorphines

Bringing nature inside in the form of houseplants is a fantastic way to lift your mood every day, but getting outside is also important. As the weather warms and the days get longer, it’s the perfect opportunity to don your walking boots again and get back to nature! 

People who feel connected to nature and spend more time outdoors tend to be happier, making it a fantastic way to focus more on your mental health. This Spring and International Happiness Day, make an effort to leave your home and head for a hike, a stroll by the beach, or a walk around the park. If you can get your heart rate up with exercise and boost your endorphins, even better!



Invest in Sweet and Floral Toiletries

Treating yourself to a few luxuries here and there is a form of self-care. There’s nothing wrong with a little indulgence, especially when you’re looking at sustainable products that don’t harm the planet. This Spring, invest in a collection you love for your bathroom, like the Bluebell Range from Fikkerts Fruits of Nature. All-natural, gorgeously scented, and made in the UK, their products are divine and make a wonderful addition to any home.

We’d recommend starting with a few staples, including their plastic-free Bluebell Soap Bar that cleanses and soothes, their beautifully scented Bluebell Hand Wash, and their truly indulgent Bluebell Body Cream, perfect for skin that could do with a little TLC after winter. 


Sustainable hand cream from eco shop in Henley on Thames

Spend Time With Your Loved Ones

The memories of lockdowns and quarantines are still fresh in our minds. The pandemic has been tough on everyone, but with Spring on its way we’ve managed to face out the hardest part of the year. Well done everyone! This International Happiness Day - and for all the days following - we should be holding our loved ones a little closer for a little longer (providing it’s safe to do so, of course). 

Spending time with the people who mean the most to you is a tried and tested method to feel joyful and boost wellbeing! Go for a hike with your best friend, turn your lunch break into a romantic picnic date with your partner, or get your family together for a day of outdoor games and delicious food. Whatever you choose to do, make sure you’re present in the moment and let those wholesome feelings flow. 


Friends sitting together outside with drinks looking happy in the sun near our gift shop in Henley

Spring Clean and Redecorate to Spark Joy

Is your home in need of a little bit of love and care? After the busy Christmas period, the stresses of getting back into a routine in January, and the strange in-between time that is February, your home may have taken a backseat. But now that Spring is almost here, throw open those windows and clear away the cobwebs - it’s time to clean and redecorate! 

Creating a space you love to come home to is a vital part of boosting happiness. It’s no secret that cleaning can decrease stress and make you feel clearer, happier, and more ready to face the day. Make time around International Happiness Day to transform your home. 

For sustainable inspiration, take a peek at our blog with tips to create a more eco-friendly bathroom. We also have plenty of ethical accessories you can use to create a more functional, beautiful space that suits your aesthetic.

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